Leadership Council: (coming soon)

Advisory Medical Panel:

Laila Craveiro, RN: Research Nurse, Stanford School of Medicine

Vic Froelicher, MD: Professor of Medicine/Staff Cardiologist, Sports Medicine, Stanford University

Marco Perez, MD: Director, Stanford Inherited Cardiac Arrhythmia Clinic

Antoinette Rose, MD: Internal Medicine, Education at Harvard and Stanford University, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Advisory Panel:

Wendy Akers-Ghose: (Operations) Former District President, CA Sixth District PTA

Diane Claerbout, (Education) Community Advocate, Parent Heart Watch

Leslie Dorosin: (Finance) Finance and Accounting, Intel Corp, Non-Profit Management Grove Foundation

Bobbi Fox (Community Ambassador)

Lisa Gani: (Business Development) Economic and Business, Stanford University, 1980 Olympic Swimmer

Rich Gordon: (Government) Assemblyman, State of CA (Retired)

Nadia Naik, (Marketing) Management and Business, Community Advocate, CARRD Co-Founder

Beryl Israel: (Grants) Marketing Communications, 3marketeers Advertising