AED Lending Programs

Racing Hearts AED Lending Program:

Since September 2012, we have increased the heart safety of over 220,000 athletes with our AED lending program by providing life saving heart defibrillators to high risk community events! (coming soon, application to apply for an AED for your event!)

About our Racing Hearts AED lending program:

  • Racing Hearts will deliver the AEDs (up to 4) to your site.
  • Racing Hearts has insurance for lending our AEDs and they are registered with our county (per CA law).
  • Racing Hearts ensures our AEDs are ready to be use (We decument our quarterly checks, per CA law).
  • Each AED comes with a carrying case, adult and youth pads, youth key and response kit. 

In the event that an athlete or community member has a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and our Racing Hearts AED device is used, Racing Hearts will complete all necessary updated as required by law (aka Medical Director will review the data from the device and we will send information to the county). Racing Hearts will also purchase a new battery and pads, thus there is no cost associated to the Race Director and event with our AED lending program.  

If you have any questions about this request, we would be happy to discuss. 


The Racing Hearts Team

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Parital List of our Racing Hearts AED Lending Partners: