AEDs for ALL kids!

"My Story" by Mary Nopachai, M.D. Mother of Alex, survivor of sudden cardiac arrest. It was winter break. Our family planned on spending the day at a children's park. As soon as we arrived, my 4 year old son, Alex, ran towards a slide and climbed up the ladder. Within minutes he collapsed on the slide's platform. I ran and caught him before he fell and pushed him onto the center of the platform. After climbing the ladder, I saw that he had stopped breathing and turned blue. Gripped with fear, I frantically called 911. I thought the end of the world had come.  
My son was in sudden cardiac arrest and there was no defibrillator nearby. If a defibrillator had been present, he could have been shocked immediately to restart his heart. Instead I had to perform CPR on my son on top of that slide and wait for the firefighters to arrive. Ultimately with the firefighters' and paramedics' help, he was able to survive.  
I hope that more individuals who are inflicted with this devastating cardiac condition can, too, have a second chance at life.