The beginnings of something..

It's time. I'm going to do this – starts something bigger than me about AEDs. We need a great name (and definitely not medical) which is fun. I've beginning to collect state data (number of schools in county), and make my first ever PowerPoint presentation (which is totally out of the box for me as a trained medical professional as a Speech Pathologist at the Palo Alto VA in the critical care units), have my first meeting with a logo specialist (Three very high profile cases reach the media and I receive tons of emails from my friends about the importance of AEDs!). I'm beginning to think about all of the paperwork to fill out (TONS!) with the state and federal governments.
Many of friends and contacts are suggesting for a fiscal sponsorship, however they take 10% of the total contributions (which kinda sucks in my perspective, especially if I want us to be a possible non-profit organization); but given that I have NO business experience, a sponsorship is starting to sound good to me. Am I crazy? I'm gathering tons of information if I should really undertake this new project. Everything in me is saying I can do this, and I really should do this.