A bill! A bill....on Capital Hill!

In the 3 years since our little Racing Hearts has been around - there seems to be a new mindset towards AEDs.  And it feels like our team and efforts have helped to pioneer the way - especially helping to update California's AED legislation Senate Bill 658 which is now heading over to our Governor Jerry Brown's desk to sign (signed 9/3/15!) This bill will have a huge benefit to every Californian and to our state overall, bringing more onsite AEDs to local communities.  We will share more when the this bill gets signed - but for now we are beaming with pride and will continue to expand our partnerships and support throughout the Bay Area.   And if you can help us here in Santa Clara County - we could use your muscle as the Board of Supervisors have challenged Racing Hearts and our community to find matching grants locally to help fund AEDs expansion in the county.  If you work for a company who offers matching grants for charitable donations - or if you know of other sources for funding, we'd love to hear from you.  Reach out anytime to info@racinghearts.org