I consider myself a runner

Here's a little something personal about myself...I consider myself a runner.  Yes, a runner with a heart condition.....It wasn't until my mid-30s that I got started. Four to five times a week, I take to running at either two local spots - Huddart Park or Windy Hill. Both spots I love.  Each of these runs feed my soul, my mind and definitely my body.  I love it during the springtime when the flowers are all in bloom and when I reach a higher than fog level on an early Saturday morning. Something magical happens generally around the 2-3 mile mark and I become one with nature and the zen I feel is overwhelming.  Amazing thoughts come into my mind about life and I'm inspired to help drive the Racing Hearts mission.  I just feel so lucky to be doing this and to have both nature and amazing friends, family and connections to inspire me to go further.  Just wanted to share.  I would love to hear what inspires you.