It's A Wrap

I want to thank everyone for a great year!  Racing Hearts began our mission of helping to save lives with AEDs back in June of this year.  It's gone fast, and I'm so very proud of what we've been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.  Here's the quick highlights.
Because of our supporters, Racing Hearts has:

Helped to protect over 30,000 athletes, by lending AEDs to local events

Advocated for 9 new AEDs to protects over 5,000 students, teachers, & staff

Impacted policy and procedures within the City of Palo Alto's Parks and Recreation Department - and now AEDs will be present during athletic practices and games (protecting hundreds of students and their families every week)

Participated in the Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, the Palo Alto Moonlight Run, and the Los Gatos-Saratoga Turkey Trot Fun Run and will be partnering with the Juana Run, the Running of the Bulls, and the entire 2013 events with USA Productions

Helped share personal stories on our site and Facebook - we were moved to hear from a father thankful for the opportunity to see his three daughters grow; and for the 23-year old runner reconnected with the person who saved her life, both because of AEDs

Successfully raised inaugural funding within 2 months

I'm feeling a momentum as we move into 2013; we have more work to do and I have to admit would love everyone's continued support and help.  I hope that each of us gives full-heartedly this holiday season.  Thank you again for helping us to help save lives.