New Found Gratitude

My new favorite playlist (thank you Spotify) is called 'Get Better Mom'. I have both my children to thank for the 3 1/2 hours of pure music joy that filled my ears when I was at Stanford Hospital on Friday, January 25th.  To my medical team who looked after me during my surgery, you seemed to have made what could have been a complicated procedure a snap.  
And after 7 years of living without an internal defibrillator - I can share with those of you who might not know I am once again living with a new internal life-saving device.  I'm one of the fortunate, this I know.  And luckier still that I get to live an active life - in fact I was back running a 5K at post op week 6! 
I'm amazed at how fast the last two months have flown by.  Thank you to my family and friends (Racing Hearts and Palo Alto community) I'm excited to know that I will have many more years to continue to grow, learn, and give back to my community.