Protection Works

Hello everyone.  I am an EMT in Santa Clara, CA.  I have been an EMT for 3 years. I work for a small stand-by company not an ambulance company.  Any EMT can tell you that after you finish your classes that using an AED is not something we do often, but it is a skill that we learn and keep up to date on.  This past weekend there was a major run in San Francisco, CA were I was on the medical team.  I was placed at the finish line.  The medical director put me in charge of the AED, which meant that I wore it the whole time and stood at the finish line.  I remember someone from the run telling me what an important job I had.  Two hours into the race there was a male racer coming in towards the finish line that just fell to the floor.  Within 30 seconds of him falling a nurse and I were on him.  As the nurse checked for a pulse and didn't find one I opened the AED and hooked him up to it.  After 4 shocks and several rounds of chest compressions the medical team and I were able to get back a pulse.  Loaded him up into the ambulance to get him to the hospital.  Being able to help possibly save a life is an amazing experience.  Without the valuable training I learned I would not have been able to help this runner.  Anyone can learn how to save a live.  You don't have to be an EMT. Simply taking a CPR class will teach you how to use an AED correctly that could allow you to save a life.  - Jeanette D.