Safety for Race Participants

I recently had the pleasure to speak with Race Roster's co-founder Chantelle Wilder about "race safety".  She seems truly excited about our mission as well as our strong stance to partner with local race directors at two strategic levels those being (1) Racing Hearts can provide on-site AEDs to help provide increased medical protection for their athletes and (2) to bring a higher-level of awareness to those athletic communities the importance of supporting new funding to purchase and place new AEDs at key locations. 
I love that in the past 6 months, I've talked with race directors who 'just get it'. They love our passion, our mission, and they're starting to consider teaming up with Racing Hearts.  These are exciting times for us.  Chantelle was so inspired by our conversation that she asked me to write a guest blog for their site - hope you'll consider checking it out....
'Safety First: Does Your Event Have an AED on Site?'