Saying 'Thank You'

Thank you; it's such a little word that really means a lot. I loved finding this quote by Maya Angelou 'When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed'.
There are so many people who have helped to make Racing Hearts a reality. Our journey to date has been swift and fast – I want to take this moment to recognize and thank some key people. Without their support and time, Racing Hearts wouldn't be as far along as it is today.
A big 'thanks!' goes out to: Alison Pena, Angie Scott, Anita Grogan, Annette Glanckopf, Barb Mitchell, Barbara Klausner, Becky Epstein, Bill Johnson, Camille Townsend, Cara Silver, Carl Guardino, Catherine Crystal Foster, Cynthia Burstein Waldman, Dana Hendrickson, Dana Tom, David Monico, Dr. Charles Young, Ed Schrader, Erik Walukiequicz, Gordon Thompson, Jack Morton, Jane Jacobson, Joe Laia, John Hofer, JT Service, Julianne Brawner, Karen Saxena, Ken Dueker, Kim Roderick, Laila Craveiro, Lauren Tippets, Len Jacobson, Leslie Dorosin, Linda Lenior, Lisa Buese Gani, Lorrie Paddock, Melissa Baten Caswell, Melissa Murray, Micaela Presti, Mike Frankel, Nadia Naik, Renee Hofer, Rob Martinson, Rob DeGeus, Sydney Bennet, Terry Godfrey, Tim Gray, Tom McGeechan, Wendy Akers-Ghose.  
AND with a special thank you to Racing Hearts 'team brand and marketing' led by Shari Schoenfeld Meyers: Karen Azevedo, Garrett Gragalone, James Alborough, Beryl Israel and the design team at 3 Marketeers for our amazing Racing Hearts logo!