We have a name – Racing Hearts

So my final decision is to YES, go for it and officially begin the paperwork!!  I'm ridiculously excited and nervous at the same time.  I need to create bylaws, articles of incorporation, etc.  There is so much paperwork to fill out; so many things to consider for starting this. I know 'we' need to have our first official board meeting – but I don't even have a board of people yet. I'm feeling slightly more over-whelmed. Who should be on the board? Clearly a few dear friends and closest supporters – each of whom has amazing work experiences and skill sets to help get this off the ground. 
I'm reading so many 'getting started' books – some of them more interesting and beneficial than others. Some even fun like 'Good to Great' and 'Built to Last'.  Even more cool is that we now have an official logo which is fun, lighthearted and NOT too medical (just what I wanted) Thank you to Beryl at 3 Marketers; I am so excited about our perfect Racing Hearts logo!