Why AEDs in our Community?

Simply they SAVE LIVES!!! so the next question is often where should we place an AED?  Racing Hearts truly believes in the standard of care for all.  Yet we know that with funding issues, locations such as schools, athletic fields and police cars should be our top priority!
Why in Schools?  Schools serve as central gathering points within the community.  Whether it is parents attending a school concert or a school play or everyone in town attending a basketball or football game, it is hard to imagine an institution that more regularly attracts large numbers of people for extended periods of time. 
Why at athletic fields?  Every 3 days a young competitive athlete suffers a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).  Can we pick the location, NO because it can happen to anyone at anytime, dehydration and being hit by a ball at the wrong part of the heart beat, might lead a young athlete with a NORMAL heart into a sudden cardiac arrest.  
Why in Police Cars?  They are often the first responders.  Given that the brain begins to die within 4 to 6 minutes from the start of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, every minute counts.  We are thrilled to report that response times from first responders is often in the critical stages before the brain begins to die.