Racing Hearts 5k/10k - 2018

Racing Hearts 5k/10k - 2018

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Racing Hearts 5k/10k  - Thank you! 

Our 5th Annual Racing Hearts 5k/10k to celebrate active living for heart disease is in the books! Together we raised over $38,000 dollars for our mission of ensuring everyone has access to life saving heart defibrillators.  We had over 15,000 people worldwide join us for our 5k/10k Strava Challenge from the United Kingdom to Vietnam, from Miami to the heart of Silicon Valley.  Many tweeted and shared pictures of their 'heart' route. 

Since 2014, our Racing Hearts 5k/10k events have raised over $220,000 for genetic testing and education for underserved famlies, echocardiograms, AEDs and heart research. We are so proud to be apart of this amazing community. 

Here are some suggested next steps: 

  • Feedback - Please help us in learning how to improve our event.  Fill out the Heart Race Survey below. 
  • Support our Sponsors: Kindly let our Sponsors know that we appreciate their support of our mission!
  • Be our champions:  Continue to tell others about our mission.  Tweet, post and share a picture of yourself about why our Racing Hearts mission of heart wellness and heart safety matters to you! FacebookTwitter, or Instagram page. Tag us at #racingheartsorg.

Thank you so much, 

The Racing Hearts Team

Heart Race Survey: 

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Click here to see pictures from our 5k/10k Wellness and Safety Festival! 



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