What about Liability?

California AED Law SB658 (updating- Title 22):

Thanks to our very effective coalition of state and county elected officials, EMS/Fire leaders, healthcare providers, and business groups like the Silicon Valley Leadership Foundation, Racing Hearts along with El Camino Hospital pioneered SB658 which was signed by Gov Brown 9/3/15 making it easier and less expensive to install and own AEDs! The following updates began Jan. 1, 2016:

  • NO Medical Direction needed.
  • NO CPR/AED certification needed.
  • Each AED is to now be inspected quarterly.
  • Display how to use an AED next to your device (no less than 14-point type).
  • Provide a yearly CPR/AED orientation (include information describing Sudden Cardiac Arrest, an emergency response plan, location(s) of all AEDs on site, and the proper use of an AED.

To see the full text of Title 22 click here!


Civil Code 1714.21

Civil Code 1714.21 (d) (1) A person or entity that acquires an AED for emergency use pursuant to this section is not liable for any civil damages resulting from any acts or omissions in the rendering of the emergency care by use of an AED if that person or entity has complied with subdivision (b) of Section 1797.196 of the Health and Safety Code (aka Title 22 above).