Fall 2015


Congratulations California!

SB658 Passes, Thank you Governor Jerry Brown! 

Please join us in celebrating CA Senate Bill 658 pioneered by Racing Hearts and El Camino Hospital along with Santa Clara County EMS/Fire and Board of Supervisors which makes AEDs easier than ever to own and maintain! Huge thank you to our co-sponsors CA State Senator Jerry Hill and CA Assemblyman Rich Gordon.  We are thrilled to have received support from Stanford Health Care, the Silicon Valley Leadership Foundation, Red Cross and the American Heart Association!

BUT there is more! Racing Hearts has been not only busy helping to spearhead this legislation, we have been busy working with Berkeley Unified Schools as well as the City of Campbell and Los Gatos to place 42 onsite life saving heart defibrillators (aka AEDs).

What's Next? GLAD you asked.  We are most thrilled to let our community know that Santa Clara County currently has a 1:1 matching reserve of $500,000 to place AEDs in high risk community locations.  AND so WE NEED YOUR HELP! Any donation made to Racing Hearts beginning today will be matched to place AEDs in our county! Huge thank you to the SCC Board of Supervisors for this support in our mission.  Donate here today!

Thank you to our community for their continued support, partnerships and collaboration in this important mission to saving lives with AEDs. 

All the Best, 

The Racing Hearts Team

Why AEDs matter: SCA impacts so many lives as Griselda Cooney states, "Every once in a while the unthinkable happens, but we are overjoyed that Carlo is alive today because of the quick and effective work from the staff, teachers, and that there was an AED onsite." (Survivors mother, March 2015).