Fall 2017

Racing Hearts Dish Walk for Heart Wellness and AEDs in Schools!

Join us this October in raising awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  During SCA awareness month, you can help us get the word out that Racing Hearts is on a mission to prevent SCA deaths through increased AED coverage. 

So far, 92% of Santa Clara County public schools have life saving heart defibrillators (AEDs). Help us reach out goal to put an AED in every public school in Santa Clara County.  We hope for 100% coverage by this next year.  All funds will be matched dollar for dollar via a grant from the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. 

Giving money is often a process with unseen benefit, but your donation will have a direct impact. Racing Hearts has identified 5 school districts which don't have the financial means to participate fully in our county wide AED program.  Funds will pay for 10 AEDs protecting the heart safety of over 10,000 youth and community members.  If you have been searching for a way to support heart safety and heart wellness in our community, please donate and share! 

If you have the means to contribute, please do (click here).  Any meaningful donation is much appreciated.  

To celebrate Sudden Cardiac Arrest month, Racing Hearts Board of Directors along with our Heart Race and Stanford Hospital Cardiovascular Team Members are raising funds to put an AED in every SCC public school! We plan to walk the Stanford Dish together in celebration of heart safety and heart wellness.  

If you want to join us for our 'Dish Walk for heart wellness' set for November 12, please email at info@racinghearts.org

Why Racing Hearts: Because we continue to champion heart safety in our community.  This summer we have:

  • Deployed 100+ new AEDs within the Cupertino and Alum Rock School Districts along with Homefirst Shelters and the Los Gatos - Monte Sereno Police Cars. (See maps)
  • Another $500,000 worth of AEDs to be purchased for Santa Clara County.  We are projected to have the largest deployment of AEDs within our county.  (Details here)
  • We have begun the preparation for our 5th Annual 2018 Heart Race. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to stay up to date on race and registration news. 

We are passionate about the work we are doing to champion heart safety in our community.  We envision that one day AEDs will be in all school sites, all police and sheriff cars, and all high risk community locations. #heartsafety #loveourmission

DONATE here to join our mission!

All the best, 

The Racing Hearts Team