Spring 2017

We're springing ahead in 2017:

This first quarter of 2017 has been an incredibly productive time for the Racing Hearts team.  Together we have:

  • Deployed 50 new AEDs within the Oak Grove and Evergreen School Districts along with the Palo Alto Little League and Santa Clara Players sites (see maps). 
  • Expanded the number of Santa Clara County public school districts with on-site AEDs to over 80%. It's not too late to donate.  With your financial support we can meet our goal of 100% coverage!!!
  • Raised over $64,000 for genetic testing, echocardiograms, and AEDs at our 4th annual Racing Hearts 5k/10k. We ae so proud of our amazing community for celebrating active living for heart disease. Plans are already underway for our 2018 Heart Race. 

Please know that we are passionate about the work we are doing to champion heart safety in our community. We envision that one day AEDs will be in all school sites, all police and sheriff cars, and all high risk community locations.  #heartsafety #loveourmission

Donate here to join our mission!

All the best, 

The Racing Hearts Team

Thank you to all the 2017 Racing Hearts 5k/10k Sponsors: