Winter 2015

January is an exciting time to appreciate what this past year has taught us and to actively move forward with high aspirations!

AEDs really save lives

The beginning of this past quarter revealed just how important our non-profit's mission is.  We're pleased to share with you that per the Palo Alto Fire Chief - out of the 52 AEDs we helped place throughout the city over this past year, they were used nine times during cardiac emergencies.  This is a huge success and likely resulted in multiple saves.  

Racing Hearts completed our project within the City of Mountain View, helping to place 49 AEDs throughout their community.  What an amazing experience to partner with the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, El Camino Hospital, the city of Mountain View along with the local school districts.  Not only did we complete the job in less time, with more AEDs than planned but we were under-budget!  Win-Win-Win for all parties!!!

Our AED Lending Program

Through our AED lending Program, Racing Hearts has most recently provided onsite AEDs to the San Jose Turkey Trot, the Mermaid Series, and the Santa Run bringing our total to date of increasing the heart safety to over 150,000 participants in 2 years!  We hope our AEDs never need to be used but we're SO glad to lend heart defibrillators to high risk community events! #loveourmission #heartsafetyforall

Come Join Us!

In you haven't made a donation or joined us at one of these events, it's never too late.  Here's a list of up-coming dates:

Be in the know!

"CPR and AEDs save lives.  Know CPR and know where the nearest AED is located.  Those two important actions helped save my life." - Survivor Oct. 2014 Chris A., Bay Area, California.  Racing Hearts totally agrees with you, Chris.  With our partnership with Sports Basement via their CPR/AED classes and our AEDSpotter app you can do both!  Join us.

Thank you for your continued support in our mission. 

Happy New Year, 

Racing Hearts Team