Supporting Team

Our dedicated supporting team:

Leilani Graham - Marketing Director

Leilani Graham is an associate account strategist at Google Adwords, Analytics and Merchant Center.  She is also an epatient heart transplant advocate who was recently featured at Stanford Medicine X. Leilani currently serves as a supporting team member with Racing Hearts as the Marketing Director and Marketing Team Leader for the Racing Hearts 5k/10k on Stanford Campus.  She began volunteering with Racing Hearts in 2015.  

Rachelle Acuna-Narvaez - Racing Hearts 5k/10k Race Director

Rachelle is a medical device regulatory and clinical operations consultant. She is passionate about community engagement and cares deeply about Human Rights, Social Action, and the environment. Rachelle has been volunteering with Racing Hearts since 2013.  

Ryan Cowley - Racing Hearts 5k/10k Race Director

Ryan is a Stanford-trained chemist who enjoys thinking about molecules and the benefits of science to society.  He spends his free time as a referee with USA Track & Field, and has been involved with the Racing Hearts 5k/10k race since its inception in 2014. 

Angie Scott - AED Expert

Angie's passion for AEDs started when her mother passed away from a SCA. For the past 8 years, she has been the AED coordinator for the Santa Clara Unified School District which has 70 devices district-wide.  Angie is also a leader in teaching CPR in schoools.  To date, Santa Clara Unified has been involved in six save with the use of an AED and/or performing CPR.  Angie joined our Racing Hearts team in 2015. 

Ben Cortes - Liaison Santa Clara County Staff

Ben Cortes comes to Racing Hearts has a passionate supporter of Racing Hearts and it's mission.  Ben initially worked for Alameda County emergency department before coming to Santa Clara County. Ben joined our Racing Hearts team partnership in 2016.