Sofia M. - SCA Survivor

Lunch recess started out just like any other day for Sofia; with a game of tag.  But April 18, would forever change her life shortly after she told friends that she "felt weird" and suddenly collapsed on the ground next to the play structure. CPR was begun so that Sofia's heart could pump blood throughout her body until the AED arrived as her school did not have one.  Medics found her to be without a pulse and her heart to be in a lethal arrhythmia: Ventricular Fibrillation.  Within an hour of her cardiac arrest, she would be transported by Stanford's Life Flight helicopter to Stanford's Emergency Room. Given the length of time she had gone without a shock from an AED, she was in a deep coma.  She would not wake up for 4 days.  But she fought; to wake up, to battle infections, and to learn how to use her hands and walk again.  Just a week prior she was running around Alcatraz, the San Francisco Zoo and playing basketball with friends.  Sofia has Long QT Syndrome and thankfully she has made an incredible and significant recovery both physically and neruologically!  Keep in mind, prior to this event, Sofia had no warning signs, just a cardiac arrest.  

Today, Sofia is a thriving 4th Grader.  Instead of wondering 'what if' her school had an AED, we are advocating and sharing our story in that hope that we can inspire others to get AEDs into schools, gyms, and squad cars.  We know that we can help save someone's life.